Come along!

How could everyday environmental choices be easier? What new skills would you like to learn? What type of activities would you like to see in your neighbourhood?

ILMANKOS is carried out together with the residents of the target areas. The aim is to increase the residents' cooperation and participation and encourage people to make climate-friendly choices. The project’s standpoint is close to everyday life: how can you take the environment and climate into consideration in your own living, transportation and eating. The project brings new types of activities to the target areas, but also offers a climate-centric perspective to already existing activities.

ILMANKOS invites residents, associations, businesses, schools and day care centres, housing organisations and the area’s other businesses to the project to inform what types of actions are needed and what could be done together. ILMANKOS offers the local residents and communities a good opportunity for energy conservation and for activities relating to environmental decisions.

ILMANKOS encourages us to think what stands in the way of making climate-friendly choices. One of the aims of ILMANKOS is to change climate concerns into practical action. The project organises events, campaigns and trips, which offer solutions for controlling climate change. The project offers information, new skills and practical tips to support these choices. For example, a cooking evening can provide ideas and recipes for the family’s more climate-friendly everyday foods. Doing things together encourages people to achieve results: if you see your neighbours doing their bit for the climate, you are more likely to follow suit.

ILMANKOS activities can be, for example, bicycle trips, cooking evenings, information nights about alternative heating solutions, traffic campaigns or the housing organisations’ communal efforts to save energy. ILMANKOS calls in specialists from different fields to make these events a success.

ILMANKOS encourages everybody to challenge their everyday life from the perspective of climate.


Honest doing and action – no moaning!

Controlling climate change with a positive attitude

Improving interaction and we-spirit

Developing climate democracy