ILMANKOS project

ILMANKOS in Tampere Central Region – Working together for the climate is a project coordinated by EcoFellows Ltd. The project is carried out in Tampere Central Region in seven residential areas and their surroundings in 2009-2012. The project receives EU funding through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national funding from the Council of Tampere Region.

The aim of the ILMANKOS activities is to improve the residents’ community spirit and participation, as well as encourage people to make climate-friendly choices. What is important is working together, a positive we-spirit and interaction, as well as the skills and ideas of a new, more climate-friendly life. The project works with the residents to seek answers on how to reduce our carbon footprint and help reduce emissions.

The project is closely linked to both national emissions reduction objectives and to the Tampere Central Region climate strategy and other regional programs. The City of Tampere’s ILMANKOS 2008-2009 campaign is also behind this initiative, to which this project is a natural sequel. You can read more about the previous ILMANKOS campaign here.