How could controlling climate change be easier? What types of new everyday skills would be required by a more climate-friendly life? What type of activities would you wish for your neighbourhood

ILMANKOS combines communality and controlling climate change. The aim of the ILMANKOS activities is to bring residents of the target areas together and to find ways to slow down climate change at home, in the community, at work, in school, in play, everywhere in life. The project encourages us to challenge everyday life from the climate’s perspective and to try out new ways to live our lives.

Doing things together is at the heart of ILMANKOS. Sharing experiences and creating new ways to interact promote the control over climate change. A common understanding of issues and a common will to make changes will help reduce emissions. Sense of togetherness increases motivation for lifestyle changes and responsibility for the environment and it enables changes in attitudes and behaviours. In addition, functioning communities make actual emission reductions possible: for example, communal bio-waste collection and carpools.

ILMANKOS organises events, campaigns, trips and projects together with the target area residents and communities. Themes are living, transportation, food, shopping and waste. Consequently, these are also the largest emission reduction opportunities for the individual. An example of an ILMANKOS activity can be a springtime bicycle trip, a cooking class for climate-friendly flavours or a community effort for energy conservation in an apartment building. The project also includes climate families, whose carbon footprints will be assessed and the impact of the different changes to the size of the footprint will be monitored.

In addition to the activities carried out in the target areas, ILMANKOS informs all of the area residents about climate change and better ways of life. The project also produces materials to help adapt to a more sustainable everyday life.