Nutrition causes about a fourth of the greenhouse gas emissions of every individual. It matters what we put in our mouths, even to the climate. Also, our wallets and health will often thank us for our climate-friendly choices.

Don't waste food!

An average Finn throws away about 60 kilos of food per year, which would be the same as throwing every 10th shopping bag straight in the bin.

Go vegetarian!

A Finn eats, on average, 76kg of meat per year. Vegetable and fruit dishes will generally have a smaller climate impact than meat dishes. One vegetarian meal a week is a good start!

Follow seasons

In the summer, eat domestic lettuce and fruit. In the autumn eat berries and mushrooms and in the winter you could have well preserved roots. Good choices for a smaller climate impact are Finnish roots and potato, outdoor domestic fruit, vegetables and berries as well as the gifts from forests and nearby waters.

Snack in moderation

We often eat for reasons other than hunger. Snacking does not replace proper meals, but increases the carbon load of what you consume.  

Seek alternatives to frozen and greenhouse products

Favour fresh and outdoor products over frozen and greenhouse ones. Freezers use a lot of energy, as does heating and lighting of greenhouses.

Remember to bring your own shopping bag and avoid extra packaging

The portion of packaging in the carbon print of the entire product is often small, but even a small act is worthwhile.

Cook conserving energy

Quick cooking methods conserve energy. Make a larger batch at a time and heat the servings later on using a microwave oven. Casserole dishes can be placed in the oven even before preheating and you should also make use of the oven’s afterheat. Use tops on your pots - that way you will preserve energy.

Remember bio-waste

A kilo of unsorted food waste mixed in with regular waste at the dump creates 1.2 kg of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the same amount as driving a car for 7 km. Carbon footprint can be reduced considerably by careful separation of waste.