Housing tips

Adverse effect on our climate is caused by heating and the use of electricity and water. A person’s lifestyle has a big impact on the carbon footprint one leaves behind.

Think about how and where you live

Living in population centres and close to services or by a good public transit network help make climate-friendly choices.

Turn to green energy

You can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions easily by using renewable energy. Green energy suppliers generate electricity from renewable sources. You can get more information from the Tampere Power Utility (Tampereen Sähkölaitos) or from the ”Vaihda virtaa” website.

Lower temperature!

Lower your home's temperature by just one degree and save five percent in your heating costs. The recommended temperature is 20-22 degrees and 18-21 degrees in bedrooms. Do not heat an empty home: basic heat will suffice while you are away on holiday.

Control your electricals!

Pay attention to your home’s electricity consumption. Choose Class A energy-rated machines, change regular light-bulbs into energy saving bulbs and don't buy those unnecessary gadgets. A small device will normally cause fewer emissions than a big one: a laptop computer in average use, 5 kg, and desk computer 100 kg in a year.

Don’t play with water!

Heating water is responsible for about a fifth of a household’s energy consumption. Favour quick showers, use short washer programs and repair water leaks.

Don’t leave your electricals on stand-by!

Invest in an extension cord with a switch, so you can turn off all your gadgets with one flick. Also remember to unplug your mobile phone charger and other chargers when they are not in use.

Be patient in the sauna

Bathe less often with a larger group of people. The most energy gobbling machine is an "always on” sauna stove. +70-80 degrees is enough.