Transportation causes a lot of emissions. Rearranging everyday travelling or changes in holiday traditions reduce carbon load caused by transportation. 

Take the bus or a train!

Raise the threshold for driving. If public transportation is available, take it. Tally up the costs of keeping a car and think how many train or bus trips could be bought with the same amount. Remember that you can also rent a car for the occasional trip as well.

Use your muscles

Half of all car rides are less than six kilometres and a fourth of them are less than three kilometres. When making short trips, use a bike or walk. Get in better shape at the same time.

Vacation with a clear conscience

Rather than flying far away, pick a holiday destination closer to home.


Tips for flying

If you want to travel by air, take one longer trip in a year rather than many short ones. Avoid unnecessary layovers. Travel with minimal luggage as every kilo of luggage adds to the emissions. 

Favour carpooling

Offer carpooling to others or ask others for a lift; somebody might be going in the same direction as you. Also, run multiple errands on the same trip. Save in fuel costs at the same time.

Be smart when choosing a car

When it’s time for a new car, buy a low emission model. An average driver can lower carbon dioxide emissions by 430 kg in a year. Also consider your options in bio, electric or hybrid cars.

Drive with climate in mind

Learn an ecological way to drive; don’t speed and use air-conditioning sparingly. Plan your trip: avoid rush hours, choose your route carefully and run many errands at the same time. Empty the car of needless weight. Do not start a cold car, but use a block heater when the temperature is less than 5 degrees. Remember to use a timer.